May 26, 2015



When I first laid eyes on the work of Garner Blue, I knew I wanted to share it with you. Lisa Garner, the designer/maker/owner of Garner Blue, creates breathtaking Indigo pieces for the body and home. Her work is nothing short of captivating and the photography on her site causes a serious spark of inspiration. Lisa not only creates textiles, but she also makes the coolest hand-dyed birch wood earrings.

Since I love talking with other Indigo enthusiasts, I jumped at the chance to ask her about our shared passion.

H & F: How did you first become interested in natural dyeing?
Lisa from Garner Blue: I first got into indigo dyeing to actually teach a quick workshop on it at a weekend camp my friend and I organized to dive into a few fine craft methods (basics of leather working, rope tying a door mat and photo transfers on wood were the other projects). So I learned as much as I could to teach about it to a group of a dozen women and while learning I realized how much i enjoyed it (and how much more there is to learn!)

H & F: Do you have a favorite tool you use in your dyeing process? (clamp, wax, string, etc.)
Lisa from Garner Blue: This summer I’m hoping to experiment with some more resists but for now i’m having fun with some non- traditional forms like cassette tapes and shapes i cut out of wood and acrylic to create different patterns.

H & F: Where do you derive your inspiration from?
Lisa from Garner Blue: inspiration comes from all over for sure but rocks, shells, woodgrains, leaves, well loved textiles, Turkish kilim, and always the work of creative friends.

H & F: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from all your experience with natural dyes?
Lisa from Garner Blue: I actually only have experience with indigo…I’m sure at some point I’ll venture into others but for now i really enjoy the indigo being the constant in what i’m making. And I feel like such a newbie still– but I’ve learned to not rush the process, and as silly as this sounds to respect the dye vat. It feels a little like a dance, even though i know some say it’s a science.

Thanks Lisa! xx

Learn more about Lisa & Garner Blue from her WEBSITEINSTAGRAM, JOURNAL 











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