February 9, 2015

Every once in awhile I am completely inspired, and this is one of those moments. Rachel Blodgett, from Serpent & Bow is creating unique pieces that are like no other I have seen. She specializes in hand-dyed Indigo bralettes and underwear, each representing a moon cycle.

Each piece is truly a work of art.

From her Etsy page, she describe their process, “At Serpent & Bow we use Batik wax resist to create imagery on our garments and textiles. A mixture of beeswax and paraffin are heated to the perfect temperature (not boiling, but hot enough to penetrate through cloth) create the perfect formula for textile painting (not too crumbly, not too greasy). Using a tjanting (a traditional Indonesian batik tool), or a sumi brush, we slowly paint each design onto our cloth, making sure the wax has blocked out the design on both sides of the cloth. After the design is complete, the cloth is submerged into the indigo vat. To get different shades of blue, we wait for the dyed cloth to dry, then apply more layers of wax and continue dyeing the cloth to successive shades of blue until the fabric reaches the coveted deep indigo.”


Image credits: SERPENT & BOW



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