January 26, 2015

I highly recommend checking out the Madesmith Blog today, which features an article, “Shibori: A Brief History.” It describes various Shibori techniques, as well as its origins and history. My favorite quote from this post follows, “Indeed, it is a traditional form of art, a cultural heritage of the world, but many fear that these western adaptations will change the meaning of the art. However, it is these adaptations to contemporary methods that will keep the art and culture of Shibori alive, and keep the traditions ongoing, whether they are experimented by big designers, young artists, or curious people who are just willing to learn.” This is EXACTLY how I feel about this art form and I am so glad they expressed this sentiment in today’s post.

Read the post here 


Madesmith Academy also offers 2 courses on Shibori, “Shibori: 5 Tying Techniques” and “Shibori: 4 Folding and Clamping Techniques.”


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