February 4, 2015

If you want to get into Indigo dyeing, but you are already feeling overwhelmed by the process, I suggest buying a natural Indigo dye kit. They are perfect for beginners (all supplies and instructions are included). Here are the beauties I have discovered so far. Do you know of a good kit that’s missing? Leave a comment!


1. NOON DESIGN STUDIO: Indigo Dye Kits – Shibori Wrapper  $42

-What you get: natural Indigo dye & auxiliaries- including fructose, sugar made from fruits, and food grade calcium hydroxide, also known as lime, used for pickling, instructions along with some shibori ideas for making patterns, 10 rubber bands, 1 pair of biodegradable latex gloves

-Enough to make a 4 gallon Vat

-Made in Los Angeles, USA

*takeaway: this is the only kit I found online that uses auxiliaries made from fructose. It also comes wrapped in an Indigo dyed cloth*



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2. YELLOW OWL WORKSHOP: Indigo Blue Textile Kit $30

-What you get: Indigo Blue textile ink in dripless applicator, 1 scarf, gloves, & instructions (for tie-dye, shibori dye, vat dye, and resist dye techniques, as well as painting and stamping techniques)

-Unclear how much this will dye, but you can purchase refills on their site

-Made in San Fransisco, USA

*takeaway: no mixing required & cleaner than all other indigo kits I have seen. Also, the graphic design is divine*


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3. EARTHUES: Indigo Starter Natural Dye Kit $45

-What you get: Indigo, hide glue, reducing and alkali agent, pH indicator strips, mask, gloves, & instructions (does not include sodium hydroxide)

-Enough make a 32 ounce jar of indigo stock, which is typically enough for a couple of vats

-Made in Seattle, USA

*takeaway: this kit is the only one I have seen that provides pH strips and allows the user to make an Indigo stock*


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4. DHARMA TRADING CO: Indigo Dye Kit $8.49

-What you get: 20gm pre-reduced Indigo, 50gm Thiox, 100gm soda ash, rubber bands, wood blocks and sticks, gloves, a brief history of Indigo dyeing, & instructions

-Enough to make a 4 gallon Vat

-Made in California, USA

*takeaway: love that this comes with blocks and it’s so affordable!*


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5. MAIWA: Natural Indigo Kit $19.95 (CAN)

-What you get: 100gm natural Indigo, 100gm Thiox, 100gm lye, & instructions

-doesn’t note how much this will make

-Made in Canada

*takeaway: this company is full of great resources. Check out their “artisan supply” shop.


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